Lotto Result October 8 2019 (6/49, 6/58 AND 6/42)

Here are the latest Lotto result October 8, 2019 (Tuseday). The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office released just announced the official result of the Lotto result draw October 8 2019.  The prizes for the Lotto draw today are found below. Many are hopeful that they will win some cash.

Lotto players should buy their 6/59, 6/49 and 6/42 tickets before 8:00 PM to get a chance to win these jackpot prizes.

Tonight’s multi-million draws consist of Ultra Lotto 6/58 with approximate jackpot prize of Php 237 Million pesos, Super Lotto 6/45 with estimated jackpot prize of Php 40 Million pesos and Lotto 6/42 with estimated jackpot prize of Php 5 Million pesos.

The following number combination comprises the lotto result October 8 2019 announced by PCSO:

6/58 GRAND LOTTO 10/08/2019:

Winning numbers:
(in any order)
6/58 Jackpot:
Php 237,378,901.20 

6/49 MEGA LOTTO 10/08/2019:

Winning numbers:
(in any order)
6/49 Jackpot:
Php 40,648,472.00 

6/42 MEGA LOTTO 10/08/2019:

Winning numbers:
(in any order)
6/42 Jackpot:
Php 6,334,826.40 

Lotto Result October 8, 2019

Meanwhile, the following table contains the updated lotto results for all major draws including tonight’s winning numbers:

Latest PCSO lotto results as of October 8, 2019.




Source: Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

The main products of the PCSO are the sweepstakes and the lottery games. The Sweepstakes game has steadily been evolving through the years to be able to conform with the changing times, to keep the game interesting to all Sweepstakes enthusiasts and to hopefully attract more clients, and to maintain a variety of Sweepstakes products readily available in the market. Various game types have been introduced and other game innovations are constantly being conceptualized, particularly of the traditional and scratch and match variety and the Small Town Lottery (STL).

LATEST RESULT UPDATE: October 8, 2019 Lotto Results (All Lotto Results compilation).

The schedules of the draw for each PCSO lotto game can be found below:

Furthermore, PCSO reminds all lotto players to remember the following when playing their favorite lotto game:
  1. Lotto outlets accept bets until 8:00 PM only. Players must buy their tickets on or before this cut-off to join tonight’s draw.
  2. PCSO likewise employs a pari-mutuel system in determining the prize to be won by each winner.
  3. PCSO Agents or authorized outlets receive a 1% commission whenever a winning ticket is bought from them.
  4. Lastly, the TRAIN law requires PCSO to deduct 20% tax from lotto winnings above 10,000.00 pesos.

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